Believe In Yourself

REAL TALK: I like to think of myself as an optimistic, positive person - one who sees the glass half full, the rainbow during the storm - but, I’d be dishonest if I said I felt like that 24/7. I’m human and not immune to periods of self-doubt. Even the most positive people need encouragement and support. So don’t get down on yourself. If at this moment, you’re having a hard time believing in yourself, here are some things to remember:

** BELIEF IN YOURSELF BEGINS WITHIN ~ There will always be haters so don’t look outside for validation. Just look inside your heart.

** CELEBRATE YOUR UNIQUENESS ~ Allow yourself to be who you are without comparison. There’s only one YOU in this world and the world needs your gifts.

 ** YOU CONTROL THE NARRATIVE ~ Our internal dialog affects how we look at ourselves and how we feel. Be thoughtful and nurturing in how you respond to current circumstances.

 ** DO NOT DEFINE YOURSELF BY ONE MOMENT IN TIME ~ Who you are and what you’re capable of is not reflective of your current circumstances.

 ** YOU ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK ~ There will always be tests on our way to doing something great, as if the Universe wants to see just how badly we want it. Don’t give up, keep moving forward, and success will come.

 ** LIVE YOUR TRUTH ~ It’s hard to believe in ourselves when we spend time trying to live up to other people’s expectations. It’s your life... And living your truth is the ultimate belief in yourself!