5 Exercises To Tone Your Arms

These 5 exercises will help to build upper body strength AND toned arms. Do 12 reps per exercise, then 10 reps, then 8 reps, and so on until you reach 4 reps per exercise. Complete 5 sets total, dropping reps with each set.


1) BICEP CURLS - Keep elbows off & slightly in front of your body to maximize bicep engagement. Go slow & controlled on the the way down of the curl for maximum benefit.

2) ARNOLD PRESS - Sculpt all heads of shoulder muscle by starting with weights in front of your face. Keep slight bend in your knees & be sure to engage your core & squeeze your glutes as you press weights overhead, protecting your lower back.

3) LYING SKULL CRUSHERS - Keep elbows in line with forearms, not allowing them to fall out away from your body. Slowly lower weights toward your face.

4) PUSH UPS - Lead with your chest, dropping toward the ground in a straight line from head to heel. As you lower, elbows should fall behind you towards your hips not out to the side. *I’m doing a modified push up here - on my knees - but if you’re feeling strong, feel free to be on your toes, hip-width apart!

5) REVERSE GRIP BENT OVER ROW - Hinge forward at hips, palms face out away from the body. This grip change works a slightly different part of the back. Pull elbows up toward the sky & back toward your hips. Hold at the top for a moment, pinching your shoulder blades together. Slowly lower weights to the starting position. Remember to keep your core engaged.