Hugs All Around

FUN FACT: I’m a big cuddlebug... And I much prefer a hug over a handshake any day.

Well, lucky for me and the rest of you snuggle monsters out there, HUGGING makes us happier and healthier humans!

Here are just some of the magical benefits of giving and getting a good hug:

✅ Increases serotonin levels ~ Serotonin, aka the “feel good” hormone, improves our mood & helps to increase feelings of happiness

✅ Reduces stress - Hugging releases powerful oxytocins which help to alleviate anxiety & make us feel calmer & more relaxed

✅ Protects against heart disease ~ The release of oxytocins also leads to lower blood pressure & a reduced heart rate

✅ Relieves pain ~ Hugging releases endorphins (which block pain pathways) & improves circulation (which removes pain peptides)

✅ Helps combat feelings of loneliness ~ A good hug can help us feel more connected with one another & improve feelings of trust

* Big luv & thanks @theamberj for sharing your feel-good energy with me.