On the Move

If you’ve been following me and my adventures via this blog, you’ll know that I’m having quite a love affair with my kitchen. I’ve been cooking… A LOT. And as wonderful and positive (and delicious) as this new hobby is for me, that means upping my fitness game.


As previously mentioned, my lovely and VERY honest Korean mother isn’t shy about reminding me to keep the taste-testing to a minimum otherwise “it will all add up”. But besides that, I just love to work out because it’s important to me to be healthy, both mentally and physically. And it’s another hobby that keeps me feeling positive and busy at the same time.


Growing up, I was very active. Not only did I participate in figure skating and gymnastics (both were short-lived), but I was also enrolled in dance classes from age four and continued to dance competitively until the age of 19. I LOVED IT… And still do, cutting a mean rug on occasion!


A little TK trivia for you: In dance circles, my nickname was “Fabulous Feet” – I was quite the little Tapper. And in 1987, I was crowned “Petite Miss Dance” by the Canadian chapter of Dance Masters of America. I was also awarded the prize for Best Interview. Talk about coming full circle.


A big part of my fitness routine happens at Barreworks.The studio offers a variety of classes but I especially enjoy their ballet barre bootcamp type of workout (Mixed Level). It’s perfect for me because it incorporates my love of dance!



I also love taking the muscle conditioning and toning class – bAAAre or Triple A – as it hones in on the Arms, Abs and Ass. And who doesn’t want a tight little bum! If you’re up for it -> www.barreworks.ca.


I’m also currently big on planking. Whether it be on my hands, or on my elbows, or on one elbow at a time, I’m into it. Not only can it get your heart pumping, but it also helps keep your tummy toned. I’ve been doing the 5 Minute Plank Workout once a day for just over a week now and I already notice a significant change to my midriff. Crop tops, here I come!

Plank Workout

If you’re looking to become more aware of your body and posture and want to elongate, tone and strengthen your muscles, pilates would be a great start.


Between you and me, I haven’t practised pilates on a reformer in a while… My body was just looking for a change in motion. But I AM incorporating some of the moves I learned on the mat in my daily routine. I especially love how important the “breath” is during each movement. It really centres you. If you’re hooked -> www.imprintpilates.com.

Speaking of staying centred and present, something that’s really simply and truly enjoyable for me to do is go for walks with my sweet Miss Louise aka Weezie. Without a doubt, this is one of my absolute favourite ways to stay healthy and active.

Miss Louise


Movement has always been and will always be a big part of my life… It feeds my soul.

Play safe, stay positive, keep it moving… And KEEP IT SHINY!

xx tk