My Toronto with Miss Louise

Now that the weekend is upon us (yaay!) and temperatures are slightly on the rise (for Toronto), Miss Louise and I thought we’d share a couple of our favourite dog-friendly haunts for you and your furry best friend to enjoy together.

Miss Louise and I

Personally, I LOVE living in this concrete jungle called Toronto. I’ve been proudly calling it “home” since 1994! (Did I just age myself?! Heehee.) One of the reasons I have so much love for the city is because it’s made up of many pockets of diverse, dynamic neighbourhoods… A multicultural melting pot at its best! And another reason is because amongst all of the concrete, skyscrapers, condo developments, you’ll still be able to find serenely beautiful waterfronts, beaches and lush green spaces like Trinity Bellwoods Park!

Louise and Leaves

Trinity Bellwoods is one of our favourite places to spend time together. Yes, even during our frigid Canadian winters. Watching Miss Louise, aka Weezie, frolic and roll around in the snow is the absolute best and cutest thing ever!

Miss Louise Snow

I know all my fellow dog lovers know exactly what I’m talking about, right?! The park is expansive, stretching from Queen West to Dundas West and from Gore Vale to Shaw. There’s a separate area for toddlers and little children to play, swing, just monkey around and even cool down in a wading pool during the hot summer days.


But our most favourite feature of Trinity Bellwoods is its huge dog bowl, where Weezie and your pups can run carefree and leash-free, sniff all the trees, chase after balls, meet new buddies, or just lie in the sunshine and chew on sticks. This is Weezie’s favourite pastime.


And because we just ADORE our furry family members, a weekend together wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Helmutt’s Pet Supply Inc. (865 Queen Street West). This according to Weezie, of course.


Not only is this neighbourhood friendly local business jam-packed with all the practical essentials (PAWS booties to protect Weezie’s paw pads, leashes, collars, food/water bowls, biodegradable poop bags!! etc…), but it’s also stocked full of fun and deliciousness – “the good stuff” (toys – stuffed and rubber, raw food, treats of all sorts – organic and even home baked!! etc…). Weezie certainly appreciates the cookies, love, and hugs she receives from the awesome staff whenever we visit… “Best. Weekend. Ever.”

Enjoy a wonderful and safe weekend with your furry babies. Let’s continue to be the best pet parents we can be!





Keep it shiny, xx